You are the Tasmanian brand: your pride, your passion, your ingenuity, your hard work. Let’s work together on telling your story more powerfully through tools and resources that bring more ‘Tasmanian’ value to everything you do.

The first step is to register with us, which is completely free. You’ll then become a Tasmanian partner, with access to an evolving toolkit that will help you to build and promote your own Tasmanian story.



  • A brand book, which outlines the Tasmanian story, and how you can use it.
  • A story workbook, which helps you unearth your story in your own words.
  • A Tasmanian image library.
  • The ‘Tasmanian’ mark, available for use through an application process, to support your marketing activities.
  • Workshops tailored for your sector. In them we share the Tasmanian brand story, and help you build and tell your own brand story.
  • Networking events, which provide the opportunity for you to connect with like-minded Tasmanians who share your passions, your challenges, and your values.
  • The opportunity to be featured in Tasmanian case studies and through our social media channels.
  • News, stories and updates from Brand Tasmania, via email.

By choosing to register as a Tasmanian partner, you are committing to these truths:

  • We are Tasmanian, or want to be Tasmanian.
  • What we do and make is Tasmanian.

And these values:

  • We focus on quality, not quantity. On better, not more.
  • We tell our story of determination and invention, of Tasmanian-ness, with humility and good humour.
  • We uplift our fellow Tasmanians.
  • We create, protect, and preserve the unusual and the extraordinary (including our wilderness and environment).

If any of these truths and values confuse you, please get in touch with us.


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