Teach Tasmanian

Every city and state of any size around the world has schools and universities. And they all claim the same things: they’re student-centred, innovative, world-class and every one of them will create the next generation of leaders.

We could also say that about us – but we have to say and do more. We need to express what is different and powerful about our culture, and how it changes people.

When we incorporate the Tasmanian story into our invitation to study here, and into our strategies, and even into how we learn here, we can offer something unique.


Not everyone is attracted to “the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary” in how and where they study. But some are. They are the ones who want a more meaningful, more human experience. We want them to know this is what it means to be – and study – ‘Tasmanian’.

In an economy that will focus more and more on individual enterprise in the future, we can wrap our Tasmanian culture of entrepreneurship and invention into every program of study.

Stories of Tasmanian success in education and research always feature unusual partnership and cooperation, opportunities to learn and try things that might not be possible in bigger, louder, more traditional places.

We can help you identify the strengths in your own Tasmanian story and use them to attract and teach students who want a meaningful learning experience.

To grow your venture in a uniquely Tasmanian way, register now and become a Tasmanian partner. We’ll work with you and give you the resources you need.

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