There is a reason they call it the “elevator pitch”: elevators are uncomfortable, and so is asking for money. It isn’t a big focus of finance classes in university, but most of the investment decisions we make have a strong emotional component.

And in Tasmania, we invest in people as much as we invest in companies and organisations.


The Tasmanian story closely parallels stories of boutique, premium ventures. Over ninety-five percent of Tasmanian businesses are small businesses, scaling and growing while holding on to what makes us special – seeking better, not more.

There aren’t many opportunities in Tasmania for exponential growth investments in commodities. But for the right investors, there’s something extraordinary happening here. And we want to help you convince them.

The story of our enterprise is among our most valuable assets. Our long-term advantage in Tasmania is not quantity or cheapness. It is a culture of determination, of overcoming obstacles, and extraordinary quality. Our isolation makes easy solutions difficult to import, so we have to be inventive. This gives us an advantage as we nearly always have struggling founders who sacrificed something to pursue a passion – a Tasmanian passion.

You can go back to your story, and the Tasmanian story, when you communicate, when you build your strategy, and when you seek partners and capital. And we can help.

To grow your venture in a uniquely Tasmanian way, register now and become a Tasmanian partner. We’ll work with you and give you the resources you need.

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