The Tasmanian story is a pattern of success. We distilled it from hundreds of individual stories that followed the same plot: a regular person who did not come from generations of wealth and privilege comes up with an idea. They’re passionate about it, even obsessive. They work really hard to bring that idea to life, and there is plenty of struggle and adversity along the way. It’s something special, something unusual, something different – whether it’s a product, an experience, an invention, a movement or a social venture.


There’s one core message at the heart of the Tasmanian story: Someone just like you did it here, and you can do it too.

It’s a story of encouragement – while hearing ‘no’ and persevering is part of us, so is hearing ‘yes’. And it’s a story that schoolchildren, families and whole communities should hear.

Tasmanians love and celebrate our stories of success. From the most modest gesture in the smallest town to the global icons, they’re essentially the same stories, over and over.

The human brain is wired to focus on individuals – on heroes. But no-one achieves anything in Tasmania alone.

The Tasmanian story can bring quiet confidence to people who might otherwise lack it, so they believe they can do it too. Not everyone will visit this website. They won’t read these words.

That’s why we want to partner with you to tell the Tasmanian story in ways that are highly specific and unique to your community. We want to help you use it to inspire action.

To grow your venture in a uniquely Tasmanian way, register now and become a Tasmanian partner. We’ll work with you and give you the resources you need.

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