Not everyone wants to be Tasmanian.

Yet we need more people in our cities and regional areas. We need doctors and nurses, teachers, skilled workers, and people who want to start new businesses, implement new ideas and solutions, and take some risks, in one of the most special places in the world.


There are people out there who have had enough of the loud and the hot and they’re beginning to crave the quiet and the cool. On Saturday afternoons, they prefer a choice of fifty bushwalks in the wilderness to a choice of fifty nightclubs. They’re interested in better, not more: the boutique, the artisanal. They have an idea for a business, and don’t realise there is a special Tasmanian culture of entrepreneurship that might be perfect for them.

They want to contribute in a connected community that needs their skills. They want more than a job. They want to change their lives.

Equally, there are people out there who seek something else, even if they’re not currently thinking about living or working in Tasmania.

We can help you uncover and tell your Tasmanian story. It’s specific and simple, and goes beyond the abstract language of missions, visions and values.

To grow your venture in a uniquely Tasmanian way, register now and become a Tasmanian partner. We’ll work with you and give you the resources you need.

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